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50-something family man living in Brighton, UK, writing music columns and reviews and running mobile disco

My purpose is to broadcast my thoughts as they occur to me and will largely be about the music I'm listening to at the present time. I'm also known to have views on just about anything under the Sun and enjoy life mainly by changing these views on a day to day basis, ie I don't really know what I'm talking about most of the time! So I'll be trying some of them out on you!

I don't hold dear any particular philosohy beyond a belief that it's OK to say what one thinks as long as it doesn't do anyone any great harm. One often doesn't know how an idea actually works until it's been liberated into free space and tossed around a bit and comes back for adjustments to be made.I'm not too worried about offending folk as offence is something people decide to take rather than being intended. I'd say I'm often offended by quite ordinarily accepted views & modes of behaviour but it's my choice to feel that way, so I don't hold the originator to blame. I'd boldly ask you to extend the same courtesy. Thanks.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings - I look forward to some interesting correspondence with you.


scrabble, crossword puzzles, life in general, local affairs, creative thinking., music (all sorts), wildlife conservation, mental health