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abi rhodes

reply from band including a few line-up corrections...

Hi Abi,
Thanks for great review, made me laugh,we realy enjoyed gig, Jerimiah had a traped nerve in his back, I had to pull him out of his car,thats why he looked fragile,
Also we had Laurie Garmen (ex Yardbirds) on Harmonica as Wes Weston got a gig in Spain with Muddy Waters son,we were also offered this gig, but decided to honour our contract,and on drums we had Mike Watts,
I thought the audience were great, a bit worried when i saw them sitting down when i walked in.
Pete Nash

abi rhodes


Thanks for the kind review of the Jeremiah Marques gig on your blog.
Just for the record yours truly was the harmonica player and the drummer was
Mike Watts.I know the pre-publicity gave a different line up,
Kind Rgds,
Laurie Garman

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