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Hey Abi!
big thanks mate..glad you liked the cd!
Have you an e-mail addy & I'll attach the cd cover to ya...not sure how to do it from here! my e-mail

Btw...."Paradise 9" clever official meaning is a play on the saying "Cloud 9" a sort of typical british dypstopian way...not so clever un-official meaning..was what I named a bedsit I had in West London..also known as "Penthouse 9"...a shoebox!

oh and "Showtime" title track & album name...was having a pop at a certain media magnet whom "one, of course, is often considered one of the most evil beings in the known universe..." but I'll have to stop there as he owns an awful lot of space...which is why I originally had "Showtime up for download on at least I could sleep at night...(does that make any sense?!! that's me exterminated then..)....
thanks mate..

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