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I really liked the theme of this blog.

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Its a lot cheaper to buy a generic battery for my ibook rather than buying one from the apple store...has anyone had any problems with a generic one? do they work the same or are they a lot worse?

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yes, the quality of the music is so important and not that many people focus on that. The sound is just essential when you listen to some blues / rock.

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Or...some loud hip hop beats, something like DJ Premier ...priceless !


So smooth the way you guys mixed blues with dj premier...cheers !


i totally agree, we should not dismiss a record on first hearing, people tend to be in a rush all the time instead of laying back and enjoy

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Sergio Mendes was a real genius I really enjoy the work he put in all of his stuff...should be appreciated more !


Timeless is the perfect word for this. Thanks for the reminder.

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