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Hear, hear. Worthwile things, well said. Coming from schooling where 3 languages are compulsory between the ages of 8 and 16 as well as a whole host of other subjects that I have not had a lot of use for since, I do have to say that I believe that education is beneficial but not in the way it is tackled today.
When I went to school, the Luxembourgish education was (supposedly) one of the best in Europe (we also had the highest student suicide rate after Japan) the recent Europe wide school assessment has however put us somewhere near the bottom. As you quite rightly pointed out we are still trying to churn out graduates onto a saturated market. Where's the motivation in that? Life itself is the best education but if we don't teach our kids to live we are setting them up with a severe disadvantage.
They get trampled by society so no wonder a lot of them react violently. Love, understanding, tolerance, self-esteem, respect, dexterity, patience, perseverance, curiosity and support are a lot more important lessons than French, maths, physics, chemistry and, and, and.
I do not deny the fact that had I not learned any other languages my life would have been wholly different, but had I learned the aforementioned skills, I think I would have found an interest in some of the subjects that were drummed into us at a later date anyway.

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