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OOH yes, my two cents. We are being converted to digital tv and your tv won't work without a converter box without it. $39.99 Wal- mart or best buy. I can say However that since the internet I have given my stereo away after realizing the amount of dust that had accumulated on it.

I listen to music via the internet. I bought great speakers and it's easier. I'm allowed to even create my own playlist. There is an absense of digital radio stations that are free. So I'm waiting for that change to occur. I don't like any of the local radio stations as my taste in music is very ecclectic. So far just being able to pick out the songs I like and listen to them is nice. Via the internet. But listen to local stations in my car. I don't think we should do away with one because of the other. I think a nice mix of both would be the way to go here. Just my humble or not so humble (depending on my mood) opinion.

Lisa :)

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